WOYWW 431 - Full Apple Moonboard

On my desk this week is my Moonboard... I started sorting images Monday evening, and yesterday started sticking them down.
It's all very bittersweet... the house feels too large and empty without the children (Son left on Friday, Daughter on Monday), and yet I can feel the age-old excitement stirring in my belly. September is always such a rich, creative month for me - a sense of beginnings, of possibilities....
Left-hand page
Only the one word on this page... Friendship... The desire to share our recently emptied house with friends, neighbours... As the nights draw in and the temperatures fall, a desire to welcome others, to share our bounty; and to enjoy the oddly bright September moon's light.

Right-hand page
I feel my brain sharpen as Summer's stupor fades... I don't know why I've haven't split an image across the spine of my Moonbook before... I like the effect 😍
I was even inspired to write a wee poem...
There is an ache for simple loveliness,
For shelter, and warmth,
For love and family.
As the winds strengthen, and the leaves brown -
All is cosy and safe indoors.
The Full Apple Moon shines brightly down,
And the golden glow of candles
Mingle with her silver light.
No wonder my heart swells
At the sight of such riches!
And I've written on the wee card (bottom left)
Full Apple Moon
6 September '17
'fear not the dark'
love, family, sharing,
hospitality, welcome

And I had to include a favourite saying clipped from a magazine, ALL SHALL BE WELL: The Optimism of England's First Female Author, Julian of Norwich. I've even added a scrap of material and handmade paper for added texture...
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  1. Love your moonboard. not heard of one of those before. Enjoy your September! Helen #1

  2. I like the moonboard, specially the split image, works really well. PRetty poem too. As excited as you are about the turn toward Autumn, I'm one that is regretting the fading of summer! INteresting aren't we.

  3. Your moonboard is really interesting, it's a new one on me too. I don't relish the day we have an empty nest, although it's rapidly approaching.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #18

  4. That split image works amazingly well. It brings both pages together so clearly. Happy WOYWW Sarah #18

  5. Works really well Claire, I too have never heard of a Moonboard. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. I really love the split image! I am not sure what Moonboard is , but your pages are beautiful and your writing is lovely. #30

  7. Lovely page, the split picture works very well, I can feel a lot of emotion, hope, excitement, and yet a little loneliness from this page. Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  8. Love your moon board .. I confess I've never heard of that also... I love your pages and beautiful words... May #10

  9. I am guessing a Moonboard is a take on the Moodboard, used to do lots of these with the children I taught. I agree with you about the start of autumn. I love the colours of autumn and I'm quite happy for the temperature to col down too. Happy woyww, Angela x14x

  10. I like the moonboard, not heard of those before. I also love autumn! I'm glad that so many do. Lyns #24

  11. Moonboarding is especially relevant since we've just had the eclipse! As for autumn - it's when I truly come alive. Something about watching the natural world go to sleep energizes me. I've always been contrary... 8-)

  12. Oh do I need the, "All shall be well" as my son goes off to uni on 24th how will I cope? These past few weeks have been quite stressful and two more to go yet! AarrhhhH! Love your pages, thought I was looking through them to the garden at first! BJ#21

  13. Full Apple Moon is such a cozy term -- it leaves me thinking of hot cider and caramel apples. Your images work very well!

  14. I love your moonboard and your poem <3