'Even I Dream' by Gillian Lee Smith

The blog title comes from words I found in a journal from 2013 - snatches from a poem, perhaps?

The Gospel of Beauty
be gentle with this
as you should
in a nest
made of mist 
and light

I don't even know if they're my words of another's, who's name I omitted to write down, all I know is they spoke to me... and stayed with me...

We are embarking on a Summer of immense change:
  • we have to move - the house we've rented for 7 years is being sold
  • in September, we become empty-nesters - Daughter goes away to college (Son will be entering his final year at Hull University)
  • hubby is considering early retirement
I feel nothing is solid, all is flux... The Home we have built as a family over the last 27 years is shifting, morphing... It is now 'a nest made of mist and light'.

Here, I shall write longer, slower posts... fewer images, more words, as I try and process this new chapter in our lives.


  1. Lovely name...

    Lovey illustration...

    I wish you well, with this new journey.

    And with your chronicling of it. Helping you to process, along the way...

  2. All the best on your new journey :)

  3. hmmmmm ... here I will write longer, slower posts ... yes. heart beat resonating with you.

  4. How's the empty nest been? I'm pending the same this year as my only child takes his A-levels currently. BJ