21 August

Before I share today's Authentic August journal spread, I must show you my New Apple Moonboard 🌑.I do so love this moon, with its themes of love, and life, and home, and the joys of Nature's abundance:
Left-hand page
The little heart sticker in the bottom left-hand corner reads 'you are luminous', and I wrote on the apple card: New Moon, 21 August 2017, love, home, richness, abundance', and I mention there's a solar eclipse - mainly visible in the US, I believe.

Right-hand page
Some favourite images - a pretty bird from an old Papaya Art diary, a box of vibrant vegetables, a lovely postcard from Cathy Cullis, a gorgeous sunrise...

Life begins well. It begins enclosed, protected, all warm in the bosom of the house.
Gaston Bachelard

My focus this new moon is giving the kids abundant happy memories from their Summer at home, as they'll both be returning to uni in the next couple of weeks...
Did I mention I love this moon?? 💝💖💗💓

And today we return to a more promising word-prompt - WORLD - and I think you can see many of the themes of the moonboard repeated here:
A beautiful rural misty morning image clipped from a magazine (this image immediately makes me feel calmer... it's so soothing), and tucked in the pretty pocket on the right?
A vintage postcard of John Constable's watercolour 'Weymouth Bay', a dear friend sent me recently 😊
And over the page, another spread...
A lovely woodcut clipped from a magazine of a richly abundant cottage garden, and opposite another wee pocket on which I've stuck a cute photo of a fabric house; and tucked in it...
... this card on which I've stuck this lovely sketch of a working-class street (I imagine it's somewhere in Yorkshire, a favourite part of the world!). And on the back...some impromptu thoughts on the world.
It's a big, rich prompt today, what stirs in you when you see the word WORLD? Share below in the comments or here.