31 Days

Throughout October, I'm going to do this:
I can't remember how I found Nicole's site, and she did this back in 2015, but it spoke to me...

It feels especially important right now, as next Saturday (7th Oct), I am being relicensed as a Reader (an Anglican lay minister) here. The last time I was licensed was in 2004, and it was here as we were living in Southwell diocese; and then the stroke hit in May 2007. It's been a long, slow, difficult 10 years, but I'm now back leading services once a month, hosting a prayer group, and next year, a Lenten group.

It feels good to be Home 😊
I still struggle with many of the Church's official stances, but here, in this parish, I feel totally welcomed and supported

Today, as an Introduction, there's a prayer for a quiet heart:

As the days shorten here in the UK, I naturally spend my days more quietly, I read more, ponder more, pray more... dropping down deep as the leaves fall, like the trees' life-giving sap drops down to their roots. I want to return to the root of my quiet heart, to connect more deeply with Spirit, to talk more with my God, and to listen... to really, really listen.

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