13 August 2017

Today's word is WILLING
On the left, is a poem cut from an old We'moon diary by Susa Silvermarie (2010):

The mountain stands us still
and blows us a thick cover of stars.
What are we ready for
is not    what we expected.
We learn to see sideways
We grow antennae.
The crystal night enfolds us.

While we are rapt in stillness
our DNA changes.
We go to our heart's mountain
to stand still within change.
We spin     everywhere
a vast change.

And I've written a small stone on the right:
I am willing to grow,
change, be different,
flourish, become. A Nother,
my Self, is ready and
willing to show herself.
And yes, I am willing to
die, for death is but
change, a new way of

I'd love to know your thoughts... What are you willing into being...? Are you willing - to be, to change, to grow...?
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1 comment:

  1. Not only willing, but WANTING change. Thing is, it always seems very difficult, the changes I want. But I suppose suffering for one's desires is just part of the deal. Great post!