A Lenten Logbook

One of the things I am doing this Lent is journalling each day using Jen Morris' daily prompts. I'm actually using last year's, as I really like the one-word format:

I'm using this beautiful creation from Sara Jones, which I bought last year as a nature journal (umm, umm - another great idea that didn't quite make it to reality...)
The Earth Has Music Handmade Book, Journal, Diary, Sketchbook, Scrapbook, Notebook, Nature,
(image by Sara Jones)

A wee bit of whimsy to open the book...

Many of the pages come with lovely decoration already stamped on by Sara, and the frontispiece had this cute pocket.... So I added the images and stickers to the left-hand page, and popped some paper owl bookmarks into the pocket 😊

Prompt 1
A favourite word - HOME - so there are several pages...

Prompt 2 - GIVE
I love the quote I found a few weeks ago (it's already in my Book of Comfort)

Do not give your heart to that which does not satisfy your heart.

Wonderful, ancient advice from a Desert Father.

Prompt 3
Another favourite word - WANDER - so several pages again...

Prompt 4 - MAGIC

... and the first page of Prompt 5 - FAITH followed by some random thoughts...

Prompt 6 - STARS

... and the first page of Prompt 7 - ACTION

... and the first page of Prompt 8 - BOLD

I especially like that the image below came to me as I wrote the words above:

BOLD doesn't have to be LOUD. 
It can be just STRONG and curiously GENTLE... 

the bold faun was the perfect image to find in my stash!!

... and the first page of Prompt 9 - PASSION

To me, nothing shows passion more than throwing a pot (I am, inside, just a frustrated potter), and a student pouring over her notes!!

... and the first page of Prompt 10 - NEXT 

Not the most exciting prompt, where I decided to be clever linking it with a clipping about the 'Pipeline' in yoga (the central channel of prana running up the spine), on which I wrote 'in the'. And on the next page I found Sara had stamped a flock of birds, so I had to add the cage and the word F R E E D O M, which I always wish to be coming next for any poor, caged creature.

I think I'll return to post here each 10 days to keep contact - I am missing my online friends, I have to say 😢

I am also reading this book throughout Lent - the chapters are short 'n' sweet, and I've always wanted to learn about Celtic Saints 😇 AND most days I'm adding words and images to my Book of Comfort, so I'll share pages of that sometime in the future...

With love this Spring/Lenten time xx