Lots to say...

... but not much energy to say it :/

But I have handwritten/typed 40 letters/cards/notes throughout February. And while I'm thrilled by the accomplishment, I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d...

And now, as we tip into a new month, we also begin Lent...

To mark it, I have decided to continue my reduced time online, and spend it reading, writing, praying and painting.

For the next 6 weeks, at least, I will be building myself a nest of twigs and feathers in the real world - gathering whatever catches my eye to create a life of Beauty and Interest - so I will be largely absent from here a wee while longer...

Sending warm, soon-to-be-Spring, wishes on this damp and drizzly day xx


  1. Lovely to see a brief flitter of you online, and hope your nest building helps you revive and find your energies again. Sending you lots of love xxxx

    1. Thank you, my lovely :)
      Hope you enjoy your pancakes today xx

  2. Well done on your writing accomplishment, and I hope you enjoy reading 'The Alchemy of Illness' this month. x

  3. Enjoy your time in the real world, it is where the joy is.

  4. i've been having the same inclinations myself...seems like a fine time to be building a nest of beauty and wonder. xoxxo

  5. I am SO glad you stopped by my blog tonight, Claire. It was a joy to see you were posting. I look forward to seeing your nest building upon its completion in six weeks, so I hope you won't stay absent from the virtual world too long.

    You did a marvelous job writing all those letters. I would have been exhausted, too.