25 August

Today's word is pretty huge in its scope - HAPPINESS - it's kept philosophers occupied for centuries! I take a much simpler approach 😊
Doing what you love with people you love... on the left, or alone, as I've written on the beautiful Vilhelm Hammershoi image (a favourite artist!) on the right.

And on the jolly printed card, I've stuck a funky bird and the words, Be Uniquely You!
And over the page...?
Another opaque page, through which you can just make out this vintage family photo, which is stuck on the back of the card overleaf.
The irony is, today I'm not feeling particularly happy... This afternoon I attend a dear friend's father's funeral. Pa and Ma were like second parents when I was growing up, but Pa's heart finally gave out a couple of weeks, aged 90.
There will be LOTS of tears I know, but hopefully some happy memories shared today...

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