Nurturing Thursday - Privilege

I love this for SO many reasons...

1. It reminds me of another favourite quote:
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
e.e. cummings

2. It is indeed a privilege to be alive - full stop!

3. And I love that this wee girl is allowed to scribble away on her own, outside, without having to explain herself to anyone (something I was denied). Give her blonde hair, and this image could be me :)

If only, as a society, we gave ALL people this privilege (which personally I think should be a human right)!

Sharing with Becca.

PS A belated Happy Solstice :D
Here's the board I made yesterday morning at 6am to celebrate the longest day, before it got too hot to use my swollen fingers...


  1. beautiful post, uplifting and self affirming.. thank you!!!

  2. So true. In a society that tries to make people like everyone else, it is a brave thing to be yourself. But we must! It is what life is about: diversity, difference, beauty in so many forms.

  3. Hi Claire I loved this post and especially the vision board and quotes about the privilege of becoming who we really are! Thanks for sharing Terri x

  4. Beautiful words but we understand them late. Love your post.