Oh, such fun on my desk this Summer Solstice day! I am playing with these new cards, and writing in the accompanying diary/journal. It's VERY expensive new (retail £22.00!), but I bought this still-sealed, 2015 version for a few pennies, to see if I like it...
I am loving this Summer Solstice spread! And the simple graphics, the round shape, the earthy colour palette, and the fact there's no need for a book of explanations (the 'meaning' are written on the cards themselves in a lovely, simple font) are all BIG pluses in this deck.
I'm happy to be reminded today that 

this is the solstice, a time of stillness. While my outer self is bathing in light, I turn inward for a moment. It is too hot for reflection – but it isn’t too hot just to be. And I remember that, really, I don’t spend much time just “being.”  
Goddess Ink newsletter (21.6.17)

Like many others, I'm struggling in this heat - hands and feet are permanently swollen, the eczema keeps threatening to rear its ugly head again - but I have clean water, a home to shelter me, and I have time and space to just be...

And thank you for all the comments and good wishes last week - all went well with the service on Sunday (although, yet again I cried... a legacy of the stroke - all my emotions are so close to the surface - but the congregation were very understanding); and we had a busy, fun weekend with both kids home to enjoy Father's Day with their dad :D
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  1. Summer Solstice, I should have commented on this too today as it is my son's 18 and a half birthday today as he was born on the Winter solstice, dare I mention he was "made" on the Spring equinox too! Glad Sunday went OK, mine did too as I was at a dedication and managed not to cry there despite it being Father's day and the anniversary of losing my Dad 19 years ago. I shed a few tears in solitude before and after though and even just now as I saw my previous post which is of my Dad. Anyway that diary/journal looks great, BJ#5

  2. Glad Sunday went well, and yes, clean water and a place to live is not to be taken lightly given the events. Not enjoying the heat either though.... Helen #8

  3. We all have so much to be grateful for in view of recent events and I think you are not alone in having heightened emotions. I seem to be crying a lot recently
    Take care and I was fascinated by your desk contents by the way
    Lynn x 12

  4. I am pleased that the service went well and showing emotion is ok. I love the solstice cards, the designs and colours are beautiful. It really does feel like the turning of the year today.
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  5. Glad things went well on Sunday. There's no shame in showing emotion. Good idea to try out the older journal before committing to the more expensive newer version. Happy WOYWW Sarah #28

  6. Hi Claire, good that the service went well. Love the book & cards. And personally, I feel it is far better to feel too much, than too little. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  7. Great WOYWW. Thanks for sharing xx Jan 31.

  8. We definitely have so much to be thankful for. (Although I will still grumble for all of us about the weather!) Love that deck of cards, never seen one like that before - not that I'm an expert.

    Hope you have a lovely week,

    Carmen x #32

  9. Cool journal. Love getting bargains!

    Have a great day!
    Diane F #27

  10. So glad Sunday went well.... I often tell myself each day... I have a place to sleep, I have food to Eat and I have clothes to wear... what more do I need.... Have a happy safe week ahead... May#21

  11. I love the sweet little stone! :)
    And the quote is beautiful.

    Sussie nr 41

  12. That is a very interesting notebook! The summer solstice was a HOT one but I love how light it is. Happy WOYWW xo Cheetarah #36

  13. Lets hope the temperature cools down soon. The journal sounds like a good buy, enjoy using it. Have a great crafty belated woyww, Angela x22x