New Holly Moonboard

Today I decided to do this spread with my new cards to give me a direction/theme before I created my moonboard.

1. What can I let fade out of influence? FOCUS
2. What idea is growing within me? CENTRE
3. What can I commit to create going forward? RESPECT

I found the idea of letting focus fade out very interesting - I've been very focussed throughout June with several village events, and I admit I'm rather relieved to let myself just go with the flow for this next moon cycle :)

I have indeed been keen to centre myself amid all the busyness of June, so I'm very happy to deepen the practice as we tip into July.

And I find respect a most interesting thing to commit to in the coming weeks - both self-respect and respecting others.

So with these cards laid out before me, I began my board...

Any time I focus on Flow, I immediately think of this quote, which I promptly typed out - each and every word deeply resonates:
I would love to live
like a river flows
carried by the surprises
of its own unfolding.
John O'Donohue

And I found a sweet sticker with these words on it: 'Unlock your heart, unleash your potential', which seems most appropriate for a New Moon :) And these words came to mind as I was writing the date of the board 'Be open, flow, find your centre'.

On the right-hand page, I was drawn to these two images from old Toast catalogues. I added the simple words 'she is' on the top image...

Words clipped from a magazine advert - 'refresh, renew, revive' - invited me to add 'respect' as my creative commitment for the coming moon cycle.

It all seeme to flow very naturally from the card reading... I LOVE it when that happens!

I'd love to know how you're marking this new moon, do share!

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