13 October 2017

Happy Friday 13th 💓💕💖💗

There's nothing unlucky about today, or beautiful black cats 🍀🍀🍀🍀


Nicole entitles today's post 'A Quiet Heart is... Not Full of Envy', and certainly much on the internet can breed envy for those perfectly photographed pristine lives that appear constantly.

But, today I'm preferring to quote another insight which appeared yesterday in my inbox. I subscribe to Daily Nourishment from here... I've added it to a photo I took back in 2014.

I think envy comes from a dissatisfied heart, and certainly  I know how easy it is to be envious when one's living in a place one doesn't want to be, working in a heartless, thankless job, or unable to work due to ill health or an accident...

I know how easy it is to envy when one feels powerless, unable to change one's circumstances due to lack of money, or energy, or opportunity...

But, one always has power over one's heart, one's attention, how one spends limited time, energy and resources... So give them only to what satisfies the heart.

I draw a card every day from The Sacred Journey deck, and this is today's:

We nurture ourselves by drawing nutrients/goodness from what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. So if we want a quiet, non-envious heart, it only makes sense to nurture it with what really satisfies it.

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