22 August

And today's word is another biggie, THINK
A favourite Papaya Art image clipped from an old diary on the right on which I've stuck a wee sticker reading 'think', and tucked in the pocket opposite - a truly FAVOURITE Papaya postcard - I love everything about this image - the colours, the style, the words, the sentiments... everything!!
And over the page, another spread... I think a lot about thinking!
I stuck a wee mailing sticker on the little tab which reads To' both/and from either/or', and on the back of the card tucked in the tab (on which I'd stuck pretty, old-fashioned stickers), some random thoughts jotted down unedited:

The world has always been a scary place, I suppose.
After the recent terror attacks in Spain, will they never stop?
My childhood was punctured by IRA attacks, now this...
The hatred of some is blighting the lives and loves of so many 
- it has always been so, I fear.
The stack of grey opposite is to remind me there are no black and white truths 
- they are always shades of grey...
Paradox rules, not certainty. 
We must hold the tension of 'both/and' in all our thinking.
'Either/or' only leads to violence and bloodshed.

Do share any thoughts in the comments below, or here - our lovely thought-full group 💝

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