19 August

As my deep, energy-sapping sadness continues, at least today's word-prompt is one with which I find it easy to engage - TRUE
On the left, a postcard of the Hermit tarot card, under which I've written 'my true nature', and added a sticker reading 'be true to yourself'. I am an INFP personality type - Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling and Perceiving, but I've spent most of my life 'extroverted' as that's how the 'world' expects one to behave...
The quote clipped from a magazine and placed across the right-hand page, is most poignant given the recent terror attacks in Spain:

True pleasure consists in serenity of mind and the absence of fear.
Erich Fromm
And I found this quote online when I googled him:
The psychic task which a person can and must set for himself is not to feel secure, 
but to be able to tolerate insecurity.
Definitely not an easy task, but a necessary and true one, I think. 

And a second spread. I can't remember from where these words are clipped, but I consider them to be 'true':

live boldly, laugh loudly, love truly,
play as often as you can. 
work as smart as you are able.
share your heart as deeply as you can reach.
as you awaken
may your dreams
greet you by name and
may you answer, 'yes.'
as you walk
may all your angels
gather at your shoulders and
may you confidently know
they stand with you.
as you rest
may all your endeavours
know contentment and peace.

And these two cuties peeping out on the right? Why they are a true piece of someone's history... from December 1912, no less - a Christmas photo-card, would you believe, sent to Mademoiselle Blaise Jeanne(?) of her cousins, Antoinette and Bertha
It was among a stash of vintage postcards I bought years ago at an antique market in Newark.
TRUE - a powerful word that stirs the soul... 
feel free to share any 'true' thoughts/observations in the comments below, or join us here - you'd be most welcome 💖


  1. I always like the word "true" in its old-fashioned sense... "loyal".

    1. Yes, indeed, a beautiful word 'loyal', a true friend, loyal companion...
      Thank you :) x