A much-cleared desk today...

I wanted to share this notebook, in which I write at least 5 things I'm grateful for each day. I started it on 1 January, and today marks the 200th day in it, would you believe?! The book has room for 500 days and I got it from here.
(I forgot I'd tucked my confirmation letter for my World of Interiors subscription in it - it's the only magazine to which I subscribe, a lifelong favourite 😄)

As you can see, I love to decorate notebooks - so stickers are never far away!

And the adorable kittykat postcard is from Germany - I am taking part in Love Notes, for the first time, and this is the first card my designated partner sent last week 😊 We send wee notes just for 3 weeks to brighten each other's day. It's a lovely idea!
Confirmation that today is the 200th day of 2017. Tomorrow I'll start my next 100 days of gratitude :)

And a quick update on Sindy - here she is all ready to join in a day of beachcombing (apparently an outfit from the 1980s, bought secondhand from ebay), although nowadays she's more likely to be collecting litter and plastics than shells **sigh**
But I do love the jaunty yellow top 'n' shoes and denim dungarees combo 😍
Sharing the fun over here!


  1. Morning Claire. Five reasons to be thankful each day - that's brilliant. Keep at it!! Well done. Sindy looks exceedingly smart!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  2. Sindy needs to borrow my bright yellow bag it would perfectly with her outfit and she could store her beachcombing finds in it as it's plastic
    Lynn x 6

  3. Well, 200 days..I'm surprised, even though I know well enough the maths and year figures! Good for you, I wonder how often that some of the five things are the same...i think everyday at some point I give thanks for my darling Mr Dunnit, for sure!

  4. I remember me wearing dungarees but I doubt I looked as good as Sindy. Love her yellow top.
    What a lovely idea with your journal - and what a pretty book it is to look at.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  5. Wonderful Sindy. And I love the idea of the notebook - something perhaps more of us should do - it's good to really think about all the blessings we have each day. Hazel WOYWW 12 x

  6. Great pix though, sadly, you're right about the beachcombing being more litter collection these days

    Happy WOYWW


  7. What a great idea that journal is - all that positive reinforcement must have a cumulative effect! I hope you keep going until all the pages are used up :-D. You're right about the beachcombing - I live near a 7 mile long beach which faces the Bristol Channel, consequently there's lots of rubbish that gets swept in from the Atlantic. The council are very good about keeping the beach clean but it's sad to see how much plastic there is.
    Hugs llj 4 xxx

  8. What a positive thing that notebook is. Great look on Sindy too! Hope the beachcombing doesn't turn into a litter pick, but sadly you may be right. Sarah #17

  9. I live the idea of writing down things you are thankful for each day. That's awesome. I need to do that. I would start your day on a positive note.
    Have a great day!
    Diane F #19

  10. That is a lovely idea! It's so important to value what we have! A lot of people believe that gratitude is the key to happiness! Hope you have a happy week! zsuzsa #18

  11. Oh Chris, I'd forgotten all about Sunday dolls, they were in my childhood though must confess we had Barbies, don't even know why we did as think we were thought too old for dolls by then but we dressed them up in designed cloths or I seem to remember I did the sewing.. mad ea Birdee two bridsmeaids and even an Elizabethan style dress for a history assignment ..
    Yes every single day every single moment we should be thankful, for " In EVERYthing give thanks for this the will of God in Christ Jesus, concerning you.."
    Mmm, it doesn't say to be thankful FOR everything but IN everthing which is quite a different thing and this is easy to skip over, too..
    Thanks so much for your great desky share, love your 200th day book too... well done!
    Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #13

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    1. Oops der late here, sorry it's Claire, not Chris!!!! sorry!

  12. Hi Claire, great to see Sindy's looking great in her dungarees which are very much in fashion at the moment. How nice to write down things you are grateful for, it's a good way to realise how lucky we are. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x9x

  13. Thanks for your visit earlier.
    Love those dungarees, just what I'm after but I want camouflage ones!! I remember well knitting clothes for Sindy and Ken (when my son came along)! I am holding onto the patterns just in case they turn up in the grandchildren's toy box .. so far they haven't!
    have a good week and pray that you have more than five blessings.
    Christine #15

  14. Oh that is wonderful, a daily writing practice like that! Congrats on fulling up 200 pages and glad to hear you are keeping it up. Super to find out about Love notes, that is a great initiative! Thanks for stopping at my desk earlier :) Have a wonderful week! xo Cheetarah WOYWW #22
    Contemplations of a Kitty

  15. I'm rather late calling in today but yesterday ( on my day off!) I had a customer request 3 School Memory bears making for Thursday (yes tomorrow!) so quilts had to be put to one side and I've been head down sewing all day....have just shortened an evening dress and the sleeves on a gents jacket too....all being collected tomorrow!! It's been a busy day lol.
    What a lovely idea your book is. I post a Friday smiles blog post every week looking back on the happy times each week....it's really good therapy to focus on the smiles especially on weeks when they are hard to find but thankfully I don't have many of those.
    Annie x #8

  16. I was always a 'Sindy girl'... never was that fond of Barbie -I even bought everything second-hand for my daughter when she was little, my favourite purchase being the house with the little hand-cranked lift. I swear I loved that house more than my daughter lol
    Have a great day! :)
    Bubbles #5

  17. Your planner is such a nice way to keep track of your thanks and gratitude! And Sandy's outfit reminds me of one I had similar back in the '80's. What memories! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #26

  18. Hi Claire, I love how you pretty up your planner.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #11

  19. what a clear desk! glad you've getting such use from your planner though.. Helen #7

  20. Good for you for keeping up your gratitude journal for 200 days - and counting! Sindy is looking nice and jaunty today too! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

  21. That kitty post card is adorable. And you know I love Sindy! Even though I don't collect dolls anymore - I still love seeing them.
    April #21

  22. Love your gratitude journal and commitment to this practice - so powerful x

  23. The idea of a gratitude journal is very inspiring. I have a book at asks a question a day and I've been lack about doing that. It has enough space for five years so you can look back on your life. The kitty postcard is absolutely gorgeous; I noticed it straight away.

    I'm visiting late this week!! Today is my last day on the job and I'm taking advantage!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (28)

  24. Love your notebook, thanks for visiting me BJ#16

  25. The gratitude journal is a great idea (I keep a tin and we write one thing most days on a scrap and add it, emptying and reading them all on new years eve) and LOVE Sindy's outfit too.