Birthday week...

I may be approaching my 53rd birthday (on Friday), but I'm still a child when it comes to treats and celebrations :) And it's our 28th wedding anniversary the day after, then we tip into May Day (Beltane)... ongoing festivities!

To start of the week of treats, a dear friend took me to Sandringham on Saturday. I'm still recovering, but it was SO worth it!

A sneak peek through the trees...
... then the full vista...
Photography is not permitted in the house itself, but the grounds were what I really wanted to see anyway :)
Such a magical doorway... whence would it lead??
Sadly, it's locked, and then we learned why... There's a fairly busy road right outside!! 
So back to the beautiful woodland walk.
Clematis on the stable wall
The lovely Pippa :)
What a great way to start my birthday week!

And now I'm resting up ready for a day out tomorrow with another friend; then hubby has taken Friday off so we can mooch around here (our nearest real-life bookshop :( ), maybe we'll take in a movie here on the way back; Saturday is a low-key anniversary day, Sunday my dad comes to stay, and Monday is May Day...

What a fun-packed week!


  1. Such a beautiful place! Happy birthday to you!!

  2. What a lovely week you are having, Claire! And it is so good to see you in my mailbox again! : ) I've missed you!
    Have the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful anniversary! xx

  3. Have a lovely birthday, and congratulations on your anniversary. Spring blessings from the autumnal south. x

  4. Happy Birthday Week! What a great idea! Since my birthday is nine days before Christmas, I know the concept of extended celebration all too well.

  5. I love ❤️ being your engine! Lol. Happy birthday. Lots of love x x x

  6. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy all of it. <3
    May is my Birthday Month -- and I've decided to celebrate something each day!!