Starting a week today...

I have decided to join in with this...

More info here and there's even a cool planner to keep track of what I've sent to whom :)

I haven't filled all the dates yet, so if you fancy a piece of REAL mail, drop me a line through the Contact Form below and I promise I'll pen you a card, a note, even a wee poem on one of the 28 days in February.

And yes, I'll be writing it on my beloved writing desk, as in the photo above, or maybe even on my trusty typewriter... 

But it does mean I'll be taking something of a blog break, and spending more time writing in the real world. So I may not be around here much from next Wednesday onwards...


  1. oh! this sounds wonderful, Claire! well done for you! i followed your link and fell down the rabbit hole that is the More Love Letters site...did you see that? oh. my. word.

    i think i need to up my correspondence game...i'm woefully behind! xoxo

    1. I suspect most of us are, Mel, which is why I thought this was a great kick up the behind :D
      I've put all the W&S woman on my list as I got such lovely xmas cards from you all, and I wanted to return the love <3 x

  2. Hi Claire--I would love to correspond. I have sent you a contact form. Have a wonderful day. :)

  3. How delightful!! A piece of real mail is a treasure these days!