Rectory Writings 6

The element this week in my course is Fire...

It's not a favourite element, as I don't like the sun much, or the desert; but it do appreciate fire's warmth, its colours, its usefulness...

Here's this week's SoulCollage:

And like last week, here are my instinctive responses from the collage:

I am one who... burns within, sparking your imagination, igniting your creativity, the long, slow, embers of your intuition.
What I have to give you is... Energy - the energy to do, to be, to act, to hope, to trust the flame even in the darkest night.
What I want from you is... peaceful trust in the process, in the Truth that the flame is eternal, it will never be extinguished - no matter how low it gets, it still burns deep within
Does the card have a name? Love's Fire glows within and without


Then today we were invited to create a French Pantoum poem, answering these questions by free-writing, then underlining 6 phrases that were striking/interesting

What are you passionate about?
What makes you come alive?
What make your heart burn?
Where do you to invite the gift of fire into your life more deeply?

Listen to the Fire,
Feel its energy, its heat,
Its ability to express through Art,
Giving colour, shape and meaning.

Feel its energy, its heat,
Burning away cold injustice,
Giving colour, shape and meaning,
Help spread its warmth.

Burning away cold injustice,
Its ability to express through Art,
Help spread its warmth,
Listen to the Fire.

It's certainly not a fine poem, by any means, but it's an interesting exercise - gathering random words and phrases from a free-write, and giving them shape and form.

I think I'll play with it again in my journal for each of the elements :)


  1. Fantastic! I'm going to play with the process some more too xx

  2. I don't love to be out in the hot sun, but I almost need, to have it shining in, through my winds. I'd not do well, in a desert setting either. Needing green, and some mountains, nearby.

    But I do love Fire! I am more drawn to it, than to the other elements.

    Lovely poem... Lovely post...

    Gentle Autumn hugs,
    Luna Crone