3 August 2017

From Jen Morris' list of prompts:
Today's word is WORK:
...and my thoughts:
Meaningful work creates meaning** and purpose.
Money is not always involved.
But 'good' work is fulfilling and satisfying.
It is a blessing.
- which is tomorrow's word 😊

On the back of the Work, Rest, Play tag, I've written Ora et Labora (Latin for 'Prayer and Work') from the Rule of St Benedict, who wanted the monks in his monasteries to have both spiritual and physical exercise.

And I've included a photo from a magazine article about a potter. I've always thought ceramicists are multi-talented (confirmed by watching this (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08d6897) - the designing, the physical making, the decorating/glazing, the multiple firings - when all that work (time and energy spent) can be shattered in an instant (literally!). Potters have to trust their work to the unknown every day, and even a well-seasoned potter has no exact idea what will emerge from the kiln...

I'd love to know your thoughts on WORK, so share in the comments below or on Facebook here.

** Typing this up, I realize I thought I'd written 'value and purpose'... My addled brain does this - I'm thinking one thing, and my hand's merrily scribbling something else...


  1. I'm also intrigued by the work of potters -- particularly the firing process. And, of course, I love the parallels with the way God turns up the heat for us sometimes, but the Potter knows the properties of this clay (and is in the furnace with me), so the danger is mostly in my perception of it all.

    Glad to have read your words over at SheLoves this morning.

  2. Lovely challenge for a visual journal! I enjoy looking at them -- such creativity involved, and each page usually is so different. Visual journaling in on "my want to do list!" --- one of these days!! Thank you for sharing!

    I tried to leave a comment early this morning, but cyberspace was not cooperative!!!