28 August

Today's word is closely related to yesterday's - KEEP
I've kept the postcard on the left for probably 15 years... And Nellie still writes at the address on the back - most impressive! I've jotted down some words that come to mind when I think of 'keep'.
It's such an evocative word, I had to make more than one spread...
The lace edging, the words at the top and the beautiful Edwardian(?) lady were there already. I've done the stamping and stuck in the cosy pic opposite (again from Toast).

I used another sense of 'keep' on the card tucked in the pocket; and I love this image of a battered journal - a real keeper of thoughts!!

I don't know if you can see, but I've written 'Memory Keeper' on the photo on the left, and I had to keep this adorable vintage postcard 💟
Yep, I do like to KEEP treasures and random thoughts, in case you'd hadn't guessed 😊
Are you a 'keeper'? Share below in the comments or over in the group.

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