Oh, it's been a busy week at my desk - mainly because little goes on in the village at the end of each month, and the weather has been very wet (for which the gardens are most grateful, I'm sure!)

Here's the moonboard I did on Sunday for the new moon:
You can read more about it here.

But, on my desk today...
... all busy preparing for this:
To learn more, click HERE
August has never been a favourite month - even as a child (I missed school - the learning, the structure, the balance of quiet classrooms and noisy playgrounds - long days at home were tense, difficult, anxious...). 

So I'm planning 31 days of small stones and/or Jen Morris' one-word prompts from last year, using the beautiful journal pictured I've had for a while. You can read all about it here, and do join in if you wish - the more, the merrier :D

August 1st is the festival of Lammas, the First Fruits of the harvest. A time to celebrate what has come to fruition thus far this year πŸ‘

And I keep forgetting to mention - I'm not on google+, so I'm afraid I can't leave comments on those blogs - but I do visit those deskers on google+ and read your posts each week 😊

PS Sindy's also been busy at her desk - letters, postcards, journalling... I just love her 'new' jumper πŸ’–

Sharing with Julia and Co here.


  1. hope your August passes in a blur - I used to love the holidays! Your craft desk looks wonderfully busy today. Helen #1

  2. Good luck with |August - sounds as if you are prepared for it if nothing else.
    Sindy certainly has some lovely clothes and her new jumper is a WOW.
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx
    ps off to read your links.

  3. Hi Claire, great pictures, love the Sindy one! I was discussing Sindy's townhouse recently with my sister. Thanks for sharing! Lyns xx #20

  4. Hope August goes quickly for you; with being a teacher and having an August birthday I must admit it's probably my favourite month. Love the Sindy scene especially her new jumper. Sarah #23 PS Don't worry about not being able to comment, I'm happy if I get visits.

  5. Aug 1st is a great day (my birthday, lol!) I was always pleased that it was Lammas too. The Authentic August sounds a good thing to join in with!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  6. Hi Claire, I admit to loving August- birthday month, not only for me & Beloved Hubby, but would you believe,19 other family members! It's total card making frenzy for me, I'm afraid. Love the journal. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #3 XxX

  7. I don't like AUgust because I live in a busy Spanish holiday resort and the cars and people are extreme. Look forward to Sept when they are all gone and life is peaceful again. Funny how we have different thoughts about different months.

  8. Happy Wednesday to you. I've finished my mornings sewing so am having a lunch break and catch-up with a few more blogs.
    I have to say I love August and always have. As a child we had a wonderful garden to play in during the holidays and were never bored and I love the warmth of summer as long as it's not too hot for me to sew.
    Annie x #12

  9. The moon boards are an interesting concept! It's sad that you don't like August for the reasons you listed. I don't particularly like the heat, but enjoy the school holidays. Today's my son's first day off school and it was lovely sleeping in! I made my husband's lunch box last night, so I didn't have to get up when he left at 6 am! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #26

  10. Love the jumper .. and all of the rest of what you've shown including the moodboard - what a busy and talented crafter you are. Thanks for sharing - Hazel, #25 x

  11. Sindy in her trend-setting jumper looks about as busy at her own desk as you have been at yours! I've never heard of a "moon board" before, and so am curious about that.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Rose #35

  12. Great space and thanks for sharing xx Jan (36)

  13. I looked at both your moon boards, and what a difference, as you noted! It's nice to see your life is more settled and contented than last year! Sounds like you are all ready for a fun and productive August! Thanks, for sharing, Lindart #33 (PS-the link takes you a page that says post does not exist - just click on "home", and it will go to the post)

  14. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your visit to my blog earlier. I had a 'ballerina Sindy', but of course bought a horse as well and would dress her in jodphurs etc. My dad made this fantastic wooden stable and I would spend hours playing with that. Ali x #11

  15. I'm having to take my time getting round this week due to a bad head cold but I'll get there. Sindy looks well today, I so love the jumper. Happy belated woyww, Angela x19x

  16. Thanks for your visit earlier - couldn't believe it when a colleague asked if we'd like the horse, nearly bit his hand off!!
    Love the idea of Authentic August .... shall watch with interest.
    Have a good week
    Christine #

  17. Lovely jumper on Cindy she looks very happy x

  18. Lovely neckline onthat jumper, Cindy! A pebble a day sounds a delicious way to mark the days...Am sorry that your memories of August aren't the long lazy days of summer that mine are...but am perfectly sure that your creativity will distract you wonderfully well!