Authentic August announcement

A week today is the 1st day of August - not a favourite month...

I am NOT a Summer person - the heat, the sun, the flies, the wasps - I spent my childhood sunburnt (I have very pale skin) and bitten 😓

So I decided to get myself through this long, often sticky-icky, month writing small stones and I've set up a Facebook page where we can share, if you want to join me. (I did a similar thing in June last year and we had a page for June Joy 😊 )

I'll also be using Jen Morris' daily one-word prompts for extra inspiration - I find they get the creative juices flowing both verbally amd visually.
Focussing on the small things each day, writing a few lines about them (poetically or prosaically), and decorating a page or three in a journal, helps me get through a hard patch.

I'll be using this beautiful journal bought last year from here  - just because I like pretty journals, but it's certainly not a prerequisite... There are none!

I do hope you'll join me, and if you want to share leave a comment on a post here or over on the Facebook page. There are no right or wrong ways to do any of this, so feel free to play and experiment, and help me get through an often-blah month authentically 💙💚💛💜


  1. I like the month august, this deep summertime and beginning autumn mood and smell in the air.
    I'll try to join, it's a great idea.
    At facebook I'm normally not very active, but I have an account
    Enjoy the last days of July

  2. I love journalling - good luck with your August one.
    Hugs, Neet 8 x
    ps love the word prompts