The Simple Woman's Daybook {October} Edition

Where do the weeks go???

For Today...

Looking out my window...

... delighting in the birdbath nestled under the laurel tree.

I am thinking...

... I MUST get on and write some letters - I have not been the best penpal this summer!

I am thankful...

... for seeing the sun rise, each and every day, and for hearing the cackling geese chorus over the fields!

One of my favourite things...

... is this painting bought several year ago from a favourite artist.

I am creating...

... collages in my journal for each of the elements as I do this course. This is Wind from last week. I have yet to do this week's, Fire.

I am wearing...

... my pj's, once again, as it's just gone 7am. This is my creative time when I've woken (usually around 5am), let Molly-cat out, greeted the morning, had my breakfast, and the house is still silent, and my brain is sharpest.

I am reading...

... this month's choice for the village Book Club. I'm enjoying it a lot :)

 I am watching...

... series 3 of The Fall - seriously tense drama, the BBC at it's best!!

I am hoping...

... the kids and well, happy and enjoying their college experiences.

I am learning...

... to make the most of each and every day - embracing the beauty all around, while acknowledging the 'lost-limbness' of the kids not being here.

In my kitchen - this week's dinner menu
Sunday: beef stew and biscuits
Monday: snacks (out for lunch for N's birthday :)
Tuesday: eggy bread and bacon
Wednesday: chicken and roasted peppers
Thursday: jacket potatoes
Friday: chips
Saturday: snacks

In my garden...

...not daring to step out onto the slick moss that covers the patio. The house was left empty for over 3 years after the last vicar retired (not the best property management by the Church, I'm afraid :/).

Post Script

Loving being a member of Lesley Austin's W&S community.

Shared Quote

A moment from my day

Spending time in the cool silence of the village church in the Mary side-chapel. I love that the altar is a plain wooden table (compared to the over-elaborate main altar). I'm trying to find out about this altar triptych - no luck so far...

Closing Notes

This wee pebble sits on the mantelpiece... It's a message to be gentle with myself, to allow the adaptation to the empty nest to unfold in its own time. It's not going to happen in a few weeks - after all it took me 7 years to become a mother, and over 20 years for the kids to both grow and leave home.


  1. I love your collages and followed the link. Subscribed for their updates...their site looks very interesting! I love making collages and call them my papercuts. Thinking I should change that name since they have become so special to me.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Peggy :) Yes, Christine's work at The Abbey of the Arts is wonderful - her books are very good too!

  2. The collage is neat.
    Making the most of each day = great advice!
    Visiting from SWDB. Happy October!

    1. Thanks, Linda Ann - I'm so glad I found Peggy's SWDB - it's fun to do and share :)

  3. Lovely.... Everything.....

    So nice to see the photo of your handsome and beautiful children. I'm sure they will find their way, at college. One of our granddaughters just began, this year. She is settling in quite nicely.

    Must look for that book.

    Don't know what an 'altar triptych' is, but you will have fun, trying to find out more about it. I love a mystery, to try to solve. :-))))

    Gentle Autumn hugs,
    Luna crone

    1. Warm hugs back :)
      A triptych is a piece of art in 3 sections (this one is made of many sections but there are 3 distinct panels). It seems to be Dutch from what I can decipher from the Latin inscription, so I'm trying to find out if the village had any Dutch connections :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your day with me x
    Your words and photos are so peaceful. And that Mary chapel!
    Bless you

    1. Thank you so much, Robyn. Sending you peaceful blessings xx

  5. Claire, what I love most about this blog is how much I found out about you from reading it. I didn't realize that you had twins and that they are now off to college! Yes, the empty nest is always an adjustment but I promise you that they will always return home...if only for a hot meal and a chance to do their laundry! : ) It took me a while to get used to the quiet but now I love it and I become a little out of sorts when they fly back to the nest and start leaving their dishes in the sink and wet towels on the floor... ; )

    Is your husband a vicar? That is so interesting! I know you had just moved into a home called The Rectory but I didn't realize it was an authentic one! Your little town sounds lovely and idyllic. I'm so glad you've settled in so well! xo

    1. Sadly, we don't have twins - S is 2 years older than E, starting his final year at uni. E has just started her first year :)
      And no, hubby isn't a vicar - we're just renting the rectory while the Church look for a new vicar (hence our lease is only 6 months :() We are ever-hopeful that the lease will be extended next year, as we feel SO at home here in the village.

  6. Oh, thank you for clarifying for me! They look so much alike! It is so cool that you are able to live in the Rectory for now. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are able to extend the lease. And who knows? Maybe a house in the village will become available! xx

  7. What a beautiful, serene-feeling post! Glad I stopped by this morning. :)

  8. I have some penpals to catch up with also!!! Lovely photos! :D

  9. Thank you for your Simple Woman's Daybook entry. I enjoyed my visit. I was surprised to find a book here -- I bought it this summer when my husband and I were in England on a holiday. Are you enjoying A Perfect Summer? I still have it on my to-read pile.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead ... and glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.