Nurturing Thursday - Maps

there is no map.
you gotta write your own.
you gotta carve your own.
you gotta sweat, cry, grieve,
laugh, and love your own.
and when you're all done,
that's all that will have mattered.

~ Terri St. Cloud ~

Still trying to navigate my own place in the world as a mama with no chicks in the nest... one step at a time, one day at a time...

Sharing with Becca.


  1. that's very true, Claire :) have a lovely week!

  2. It's a strange place...I've been there. I found myself navigating between who I used to be and who I had become.

  3. So true, Claire! Your post matches Elizabeth's at Tea and Paper so well! xx

  4. Gracious! I'm a 79 year old crone, still trying to navigate, who I really am, inside.

    Not so worried about my place in the world. I know that part.

    But my inner space/place/reality, that's what I am still working on and looking into, and trying to find the true-ness of. :-)

    Be kind to yourself, and don't place urgency, on your quest. Gentle hugs...

  5. And there's always something more to add to the map, even if it seems like it's done...