Rectory Writings 3

Oh my, how the days are changing, as we marked the equinox yesterday. Autumn is getting evermore confident that this is HER time...

So many neighbours have fruit trees and are keen gardeners, and already I have the dates for the Harvest Supper and the Pumpkin Weighing in my diary :D

The mornings are definitely chilly, and occasionally misty, but when the sun warms up we enjoy delightful afternoons and early evenings... Then it's totally dark by 7.30pm!! No wonder some leaves have already decided they're done for the year...

Molly-cat has created a new favourite spot, from which she can survey the comings and goings in the back garden - atop my art cupboard, nestled in one of E's artworks, which has yet to make its way onto the wall...

One exciting discovery I've made since we've moved here, is I have a second-cousin, who lives literally down the road! Her auntie is married to my uncle, and apparently we played together as children at my grandparents with our mutual cousins!! This is a big deal for me, as our family is pretty small, so any relatives I have, are dear to me :)

I invited F to come watch The Great British Bake Off with me on Wednesday (E and I used to watch it, and I knew I would miss her terribly if I were alone). Needless, to say, we missed most of the programme chatting and sharing stories (apparently her granddad used to work with my mum's dad...) and building connections...

I KNEW I felt at home here!

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  1. Things like the Harvest Supper and the Pumpkin Weighing, sound so delightful, as part of life in a small village. Like out of a British Cozy book, which (books) I love to read.

    Love your kitty! And they do find their own places. :-)

    A long lost relative! Things just keep getting better and better. I am so happy for you!

    Luna Crone