Book of Comfort 3

Now the pages move into poetry - old favourites, new discoveries...
Sitting in Quietude
Winter has a message of its own
When the cold is like a flower - 
Flowers have their fragrance,
Winter has its handful of memories.
The shadow of a withered branch
like lean blue smoke
Paints a stroke across the afternoon window,
In the cold the sunlight grows pale and slanted.
It is just like this,
I sip the tea quietly
As if waiting for a guest to speak.
~ Lin Huiyin~
(Translated by Michelle Yeh)

No Time Ago
no time ago
or else a life
walking in the dark
i met christ

jesus) my heart
flopped over
and lay still
while he passed (as

close as i'm to you
yes closer
made of nothing
except loneliness
~ e.e. cummings ~

I've always had a love for e.e. cummings and his sparse verse and funky punctuation - it makes one stop and pause, which may have been his intention. And the other poem I copied from a magazine ages ago (I didn't record which one). I love the imagery of Winter - the 'handful of memories', the shadow of a branch being like 'lean blue smoke' - it reminds me of ikebana... As does the arrangement in cumming's poem, now I think about it, and so I guess that's why I put the image of the vase of flowers opposite...

Like my moonboards, I choose all the images in my wee book subconsciously, and so often I only see connections when I write about them here... Aren't we curious creatures, we humans??


  1. I am drawn to no-caps. :-) Have tried using it, from time to time. Always come back to caps. -grin- Guess the no-caps-thing, is more a fad, for me. And the use of caps, is kind of imprinted.

    I don't do moonboards, or little books like this, or written journals... I am so far behind, so many people, in these matters. But there again, I *should* be doing, what I am drawn-to-do. Not feel a lack, when seeing many things, which others do.

    Actually, I think that last sentence, is Wisdom. :-)))) And it covers so many aspects/things. Don't we curious humans, often get sucked into a feeling, that we don't have the *perfect* home, which many blogs show? (No I don't read those blogs anymore, but sad to say, I have done so.) Or be concerned that we can't knit, sew, paint, dance, play musical instruments, have read all the books, etc...... Which others on the net, have done....

    At silly times like that, we need to turn inside, and appreciate our own talents. We all have them, individual talents. And we all *should* use them, and enjoy the use of them.

    Eeeekkkk! Excuse me! I went off on a ramble, in your comments. -giggggles- Best close now. Huggggggs....

  2. Love those last lines:

    It is just like this,
    I sip the tea quietly
    As if waiting for a guest to speak.

    That right there is the perfect tea partner: quiet, expectant, patient.