Summer Solstice/Full Moon

I doubt I'll see the Moon tonight - such thick, heavy, grey clouds - but it's the first time since 1967 that the Full Strawberry/Oak Moon and the Summer Solstice coincide, quite an occasion - no wonder thousands are gathered at Stonehenge!

So, I've lit a candle, in my own wee Stonehenge holder, and I will keep a light lit till I go to bed tonight... This simple act reminds me of the world's natural rhythms, the cycles of the seasons, light to dark to light to dark, whichever side of the globe we inhabit. 

It's a favourite Moon, the Oak - Duir in Gaelic, meaning 'door'.... There is always a sense of a threshold, a hinge, of solidity, endurance and strength... of entrance and exit, beginnings and endings. The Truth that nothing is more sure than Change - from the tiny acorn to the mighty oak - it may be slow, or sudden, but Change is a constant, a given, an immutable Law of the Universe, a Paradox... As Monsieur Karr declared,

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


  1. A beautiful post for the solstice … I dreamed I was on a threshold the other night, so despite feeling tired, and finding it difficult to do much at present, I am positive. I am on the edge of something, some big change. I will be patient and wait until I am ready to step across.

    1. Patient and expectant... a fine way to live :)
      Hope you can rest and recharge x