I've had this book for about 5 years, sitting patiently on a bookshelf for me to decide it was the right time to read it... Now is that time.

I worked closely with Margaret many times in my previous life as a freelance academic book editor. She's a gifted writer, and a beautiful person, wise and gentle. As I read her words, I can imagine her speaking them to me... 

Transitions are gaps.
They mark the gap between the no longer and the not yet. They are the space where we are neither in one place or another, the hiatus between everything we thought we knew and all that lies ahead in the unknowable future. They mark the place where a certain order breaks down and chaos arises (p. 20).

When we are in transition... we may feel as though almost every aspect of life has been disrupted... The old home, the old job, the old 'me' may be almost gone. It may be time to ask, 'What is the essential core of who I am that remains through all this upheaval?' This is an important question, because it is this remnant that will be the starter for the new stage of our growth (p. 58).

This talk of a 'remnant', 'the essential core of who I am' struck a deep, resounding chord... It's the same question I pondered as I tried to adapt to my disabilities caused by the stroke 9 years ago.

Recently, I contacted Caroline Donohue - she's challenging herself to do 100 readings - outlining the chaotic Summer we have in front of us. Her 3-card reading told me: What I should hold on to; What I should let go of; My guiding principle.
These are the cards using my favourite deck:

Hold on to
Guiding principle
Let go of

Caroline told me The Star was my uniqueness, 'the David Bowie card', the 'essential core of who I am'. Amid this Summer of immense change, I am to hold on to this - as I tried to do after the stroke.

The Two of Wands is about decision-making, drive and passion, a positive card, but I am to let go of it for now, and any sense that I have to make decisions on my own. All this change affects every one of our family unit, not just me!

And the Queen of Swords is my guiding principle:

Do you really want to hear what she has to say? For she has tasted life, both the sweet and the bitter. She can discern truth from beguiling illusion. She can dance through the shades of grey and find the heart of the matter. 
And yes, she is wise... 
She is never a victim of circumstance. Rather she sees all difficulties as challenges... With an uncanny ability to see connections and patterns, she is able to draw on her own experiences and impart wisdom to others 
(p.161, Journey into the Hidden Realm).

She's beautiful, certainly, but she has a definite edge (a sword in her lap, ready to be unsheathed)... And yes, I like that :)


  1. Claire! So glad to have found this new place of yours...interesting, lovely, simple, heartfelt. I enjoyed this post so much. Wishing you well with your transitions, you are truly in the midst of so much. From my own threshold time, Lesley xo

    1. Blessings to you, dear Lesley. Sending love and gentle hugs xx