31 December - My Word for 2018

It has been quite a mini-saga, this finding a Word for 2018! 
I was so sure my Word was 'story' - I had a whole post written about it two weeks ago...

Since then, I've felt scattered (partly caused by succumbing to yet another cold on Boxing Day), and my head is still congested, and my sleep is still interrupted with coughing and sneezing 😩

I've struggled to string thoughts together, to form sentences, and finding a Word to guide me through the New Year has felt beyond me...

But I am one who perseveres (my natural 'bloody-mindedness', according to my dad), and so here it is...
My Word for 2018:

Such a dull, ordinary, prosaic Word, but as I sat with it between naps, it expanded, shifted, showed its many facets, until it fairly sparkled...
  • to make ROOM for more of what I want to do/feel/experience in 2018
  • to explore my own deep, inner ROOM of safety, of sanctuary, of silence
  • to truly have a ROOM of one's own
  • to create ROOM online
I'm still exploring what it all means, but I sense it's a much more interesting Word than it appears.

This exploration has confirmed to me what I've known for a while - my time here, in this Nest of Mist in Blogland, is over. It always felt temporary, even when I created it in June 2016. It served a beautiful purpose - to get me through the Summer of Change, and to help me navigate the dreaded Empty Nest - and now it is no longer needed.

So, in its stead, is a new blog, a new dwelling...
There is a room...

Do join me here, and together we'll raise a cup (or three) to the New Year.


  1. I like your word. I've been struggling to find my word and for a bit there I thought it was going to be Enough. I was ready to settle on it, but then it started to not feel right. I think it's found me though...I think my word is SELF. At least for now anyway.
    Happy New Year to you!!

    1. Oooh, I like SELF - there's A LOT to explore!
      I've just left a wee comment on your blog, Ellie, but forgot to wish you Happy New Yeear!!!

  2. That word resonates with me too. This year will be about creating a room of my own. All will be revealed in time. x

  3. I don't do a word of the year but I'm always interested to see what other people come up with. I like yours.