No excuses...

... I've neglected this space for a few weeks now.

But sometimes, real life is all-consuming, and there's little energy for life online. Village events come thick and fast in this season of harvest, 
remembrance and thankfulness, and we're joining in every way we can 😊

And as the nights lengthen, and the leaves fall, I'm spending more time reading, and this publication is proving wonderful company...

(photo from google search)

I have all three issues (1 - Calling, 2 - Gap, 3 - Roots) of this most beautiful, inspiring journal, each is a timeless work of art, 
THE perfect combination of words, images and white space...

(photo from Elementum)

Like a perfectly prepared and presented meal, each page is a delight to the senses (I love the smell of the ink, the feel of the matte paper - although I've resisted tasting it 😜), and can only be consumed slowly, and deliberately, relishing every morsel...This issue features two of my favourite artists - Catherine Hyde (I have her stunning wall calendar all ready for 2018 💞) and Jackie Morrisand fascinating topics such as the Green Man, wolves and caves...

(photo from Elementum)

And while such beauty doesn't come cheap, you can save 10% with a subscription, so put it on your xmas wishlist 🎁 😃
In this world of noxious news and vapid views, I think we need beautiful, interesting, thought-filled writing to help us keep our sanity, 
and Elementum delivers it in spades! 

This is a genuine shout-out for this wonderful journal - I haven't been coerced, I just LOVE it!! 💬💖💬💖💬💖💬💖💬💖

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  1. Thanks for posting! I realized the other day that you hadn't piped up in awhile, and I was *thisclose* to sending you an e-mail to check in. I like hearing your thoughts and seeing you make art of them. Happy Thanksgiving! (This is the only holiday where I'm sad for non-Americans and Canadians.)