2 October 2017

It was only when I got to college, and encountered evangelical Christians for the first time, that I heard the phrase 'quiet time'. Many evangelicals advocate a set-aside time every day for prayer and Bible study. I'm sure there's real value in the routine of such a practice, but it's never been how I experience 'quiet time'. My experience is more like Nicole's, described here - moments when I sense the presence of Peace, of Joy, of Stillness...

Like these instances today:

  • noticing a lone poppy in the garden being buffeted by strong wind, but bending and flexing with it and still shining red-orange
  • the abundance of blooms on my year-old cyclamen (gifted by my new-found cousin last Thanksgiving), and rejoicing I haven't managed to kill it yet - me and plants rarely get on 😞
  • having a friend call just to check I'm all right - I'm full of cold and missed the village book group this afternoon
  • the warmth and shelter of our home on a fiercely windy October day where all is calm and still

All these things are moments for which I give thanks, and they nurture the tender, quiet heart within me.

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  1. Dear Claire, long time I don't visit your blog, I stopped blogging around a year ago. Now it's time to come back. I miss you and your inspiring posts. Please visit my new blog, I'm starting all over again since I had few problem with the another site. Miss you, hugs! Elizabeth