8 August 2017

As the rain pours down (according to the BBC forecast, we won't see the sun again till Thursday ☂), I'm in a reflective mood, so bear with me...

I'll start by sharing my moonboard (the moon is the ultimate reflector, after all), which I made yesterday evening under an already heavily clouded sky. The photos aren't the best because of the low light:
There's a definite light/dark theme (because it's eclipse season, I think). I 'choose' these images randomly and 'see' how they 'fit' on a page... I'm always a little amazed by what transpires.
Left-hand page
No words, as such, other than the date and the moon. The postcards are all from my stash - I think the fairy (upper left) is an Amy Brown, and the bottles (lower right) a Cathy Cullis.

Right-hand page
The words in the clouds, I've used before, but I do love them 💗
I boldly take up the shadows,
wear them,
like midnight silk,
honour them,
for their part in me.
Nell Aurelia (2013)
And then a We'moon page from an old diary titled Between Us:
Medicine Wheel
Stepping slowly around the Wheel,
how I love each Self there, my other Me,
each Sister on the other side,
played out each day in my one soul.
We reach for each other, Sisters all,
me and me, and me and me,
and make one whole.
excerpt Annelinde Metzner (2012)

PS I've added a new page 'Moonboards' (under the blog banner). Here I tell how I got into moonboarding four year ago...

Each day I get daily nourishment from here. Here's today's:

Anyone can live like a monk in their daily life, even if they are far from a monastery, are married, or have children.  Being a monk in the world means cultivating a commitment to slowness, spaciousness, and attentiveness to the sacred dimension of each object and activity.

And somewhat coincidentally, today's word is Daydream...
I confess I'm not exactly a daydreamer - and I rarely remember night-dreams... I'm not much of a dreamer at all really! So I've relied on the words of others from magazine adverts and random stickers, both on the pages and on the back of the pocket-card:
I do admit I would love to look like this Toast model... I'm captivated by her steady, strong gaze - there's something Mona Lisa-like about her...
What do you think?
Are you a daydreamer? Do you remember night-dreams?
Are you a reflector, like the moon?
Are you a monk committed 'to slowness, spaciousness, and attentiveness'?
Share in the comments below or over here in our Facebook group. You can join in any time - if a prompt speaks to you, respond. We'd love to know your thoughts 😊


  1. I love the idea of moodboards but I don't think I can find the time to do one. Just the thought of finding the time is stressful for me.

    1. Well, you've found time to visit, see mine and comment, which is just lovely and I thank you ;)
      You can join in vicariously whenever you like, and hopefully that will be a relaxing blessing- the very opposite of stressful x

  2. I am mostly a daydreamer, and not enough of a monk. I need to keep reminding myself to cultivate patience!

    1. Ah, there are plenty of impatient monks, Meg... they just recognize it and try to be less impatient next time :)

  3. I really like your moon-board, Claire. Tonight, here in New England, the moon is full and pink and very bright. I remember night dreams--they are like time traveling to me--my soul moving through the layers of what I have experienced or have yet to experience. I used to daydream endlessly, but it took me too far away from the here and now, so I ceased the practice, which for me was a bad habit that led to a perpetual sense of loneliness and want/desire. I am happier now being fully 'awake'. I think I am like a monk. For one thing, I live a hermit-like, cloistered existence. I don't own a cell phone. I like to plant seeds and watch them grow. I'd rather listen than speak.

    Indeed, that Toast model does have something of Mona Lisa about her.