20 August

Today's word left me floundering a bit for inspiration:
As I've written on the left:
really struggled with this prompt... as someone who can barely stand, let alone jump, what could I do or say??!
Till I realized another form of Jump... As someone who has always been scared of spiders, coming across one is guaranteed to make me jump emotionally, if not physically!
Needless to say, as a non-liker of our 8-legged 'friends', I have no images of them, but I did find this postcard in my stash...
Honest words penned directly on the page.
What makes you Jump... for joy? in fright?
Do share below in the comments or here in the group.


  1. Love the postcard!
    I've been having lots it talks about phobias and fears lately, partially lesson planning with psychology lecturers and then with friends about our own fears and how they form.
    My big fear is snakes, I've tried being brave and held a giant one once, which set my heart racing, but the small ones invoke a different emotion and I back away crying.
    For me, I read jump as jumping into the unknown, taking a step towards something you've not done or tried before. I'm on my bellringing hi kiday this week which involves lots me trying new bell towers, some that scare me and learning new methods which is me pushing myself, which might explain my association? xxx

    1. I'm typing on my phone at the moment, o really should proof read my autocorrect!

    2. Oooh, I like the idea of a 'hi kiday' (heehee!)
      Glad you're 'jumping' into new bell-ringing challenges, Lil Sis- you never know what you can do till you try...
      Counting down to your marathon - you are just amazing!! I'm such a proud Big Sis xxx