Nurturing Thursday - Books

I've been exploring childhood memories in my journal working through this book. And these words pretty much sum up my life:

And while my mother had many issues, and my childhood was loud and chaotic, she did instill in me a love of books... One of my earliest memories is being lifted into the mobile library van to choose my books for the coming week :) I have no memories of her actually reading to me, or even sitting close as in the picture above. I suspect my Dad read to me until I could read for myself. I was always being sent to my room, supposedly as a punishment, but it was bliss - as I could enter a place of quiet, and read...
Sharing with Becca here.

PS Yesterday I shared some childhood toys :)


  1. I also do not have any recollections of being read to or what my favorite books would have been -- and my mother was a librarian! But I do love to read. Books bring such adventure -- I wish I had more time to read! Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

  2. Reading is a love my grandparents and parents gave to me Claire. I share your love as you know! Nanna and Grandads shelves were full of books my Mum and her sister had read as children. Little women, Jane Eyre, The Blue Lagoon, What Katy did, what Katy did next - hours of fun! Grandad would always bring me toast and tea in bed on a Sunday morning and I would rarely be up before 11.00! They would be next door reading too! I'm rediscovering my love of books since finishing studying. Its good to read for fun and not to meet criteria! Just finished Outlander! If you want to borrow it your welcome! Im sending for the series! xxx Lovely post xxxxxxx

  3. Oh I can relate so much! I love that picture. My mother has always encouraged us (her children) to read, she bought us books and let us read everything in our parents bookshelves. When my mother was a child she was always scolded for reading, she was told how she should have been doing something sensible instead. Reading was considered a waste of time and she was made to feel guilty for reading. So she made sure we never had to feel that way and so us, all of her children love books and love to read and we do it a lot! Without feeling guilty.

  4. My parents taught me to write my name when I was very small, and after I knew how, they took me to the library and lifted me up to the counter to sign for my own card. :)