Full Holly Moonboard

I'm posting a tad early as we in the UK don't see Lady Luna at her fullest till early morning on Sunday 9th, but hey, time's all relative, right?
This board came together quickly and easily - I love it when that happens :) But it's really interesting to me that it did given how awful I've been feeling in this heat with eczema, hayfever and still waiting for my Botox (roll on Monday morning!). I guess pain and distress can actually focus the mind sometimes...

Left-hand page
A gorgeous Jessica Galbreth card I've had for years, a postcard from Tara Leaver on which is written 'we are all unfinished portraits', and gorgeous images from a magazine (can't remember which one).
Random thoughts inside the card: 

Right-hand page
A Toast model, a lovely garden and scattered words...

Recovering a Sense of Identity
Find your inner artist
Create somthing beautiful

Simple but effective, I think :)

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