Authentic August countdown

Tomorrow is 1 August, and we start 31 days of writing, poetry, art-making - marking the 'small' things each day...

Won't you join us?
Learn more here.
I'm using this journal for the journey 😊
... and I've already started preparing
and on the back I've written
The inside cover...
And I've included the 3 lovely Love Notes I received from Germany:
All ready to start tomorrow Tuesday 1 August, Lammas Day, Feast of the First Fruits - won't you join me? I'll be posting here and on our Facebook page each day. I'll aim to post roughly at this time, but you know, Life does get in the way sometimes...
And I've added a new page (under blog banner) where all the posts will be gathered together.
Can't wait to get started, I'm excited! 💓

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  1. Wow, so lovely works! My alldays life (the care of my 90years old mother and a lot of other outside-things) let me not very much time for such things, mostly I can only dreaming about doing somewhat creative... the pictures for my blog-stories are very old normally, done a long time ago... try to find a time every day. It would be good for me, but not always realistic.
    Happy Lammas to you