Amid the exhaustion of yet another busy (and physically painful**) week, all I can show you today are the wonderful ATCs I received as part of the 8th anniversary swap a couple of weeks ago

Top left: pretty card and window ATC from glitterandglue 
Top right: sunny card, smile envie and dreams and wishes ATC from Artyandrea
Bottom left:WOYWW fairy from Cardarian
Bottom middle: Believe in magic from Shazsilverwolf
Bottom right: hello card and funky ATC from Felix the crafty cat

Wasn't I spoiled?! And I discover two lovely swappers live barely 30 miles away, what a small world!! Thank you so much Julia for hosting another truly wonderful swap!

** mainly because I've been suffering with THE worst eczema outbreak I've ever had as an adult... But after a visit to the doctor first thing Monday morning when she prescribed three different creams, already I look less like an extra in a horror movie. I am extremely grateful that these medications are available to me, and they take effect SOOO quickly!


  1. Hello Claire. Lovely ATC's I have yet to put mine on my Blog. sorry you have been in pain - glad that the medication helped. Happy WOYWW Anne x #19

  2. Your ATCs are lovely. I feel for you and your eczema. I've never had it, but I know a friend had it and it was SO painful. Hope your new creams work quickly. Happy WOYWW from #5.

  3. Great collection of ATC's hope your eczema keeps improving.
    sandra de @31

  4. Hi Claire, it's often a surprise how small the world is amongst WOYWW! All the ATC's have been gorgeous, thanks for your swap!Hope the Eczema is more under control now, modern medication is wonderful, isn't it? Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  5. Small world! Always nice to know that there are like minded people relatively close by. Gorgeous ATC collection. Glad the medication is taking effect. Gentle hugs. Sarah #8

  6. I hope the eczema clears soon - do you know what caused such a bad flare up?
    Wonderful ATCs - I have loved seeing so many one people's blogs :)
    Have a great Wednes-YAY!

    Bubbles #36

  7. gorgeous atcs. it is always good to discover nearby crafters and if they are deskers as well - brilliant! Helen #1

  8. That's awful, I feel for your, eczema is not fun at all. Hope it all clears up quickly! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41

  9. I feel so sorry for you! Eczema isn't a lot of fun. I have psoriasis a kissing cousin to eczema and don't care much for the flare up's either. love the ATC! Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk last week! It was such a bad week I didn't make it around to too many desks last week! Vickie #43

  10. OOh Claire, adult eczema - I strongly recommend you grow out of that. Poor you, it must be miserable; I'm pleased too that such creams are available to you. It's lovely to discover youre so close to other deskers, I hope you can meet t some stage!

  11. Hi Claire, I sympathise with you as I have had eczema off and on but it has actually got worse as I got older but no where near as bad as some. About a year ago I had an outbreak on my hands and after using a variety of creams I was prescribed Cetraben which is absolutely brilliant and my hands are now more or less back to normal. Wishing you a great week and a happy woyww, Angela x14x

  12. Gorgeous ATC's That's awful to hear about your outbreak of Eczema... I hope those creams bring relief quickly... Take care through the week ahead.... May #13

  13. Fabulous post,
    Sorry for the delay in commenting, laptop trouble. It's died on me and I'm in a bit of a flap.
    On a positive note, my Dear Husband plans to buy a replacement for me.
    Katie #33