So many treasures! Come join me...

With my last drop of energy, I dragged myself out for a scoot this morning - it's SO warm in the sun, but really rather chilly when caught by the wind.
First to greet me is a neighbour's very pretty tree rustling its ever-growing leaves... 
then the scent of the mayflowers on the hawthorn hedges along the pathway.
As I turn into the churchyard, a white dove flies from the ground and takes up his sentry post in a niche in the church tower...
... as I slowly scoot along the path, I see why...
As if I am in any doubt, it is indeed Spring-time! 
Inside the church, as I close the heavy door, I am hit by the heady scent of lilies...
... and the deep, deep stillness invites me to sit a while. There is no need to rush, no need to do, just sit and receive the blessings of light and silence.
After a time, I leave and say a prayer for the nesting doves as I scoot by... leaving them in peace once more.
As I scoot around the village, I notice the elderflower is starting to open...
... but it has a way to go to catch up with this tree/bush - whatever it is!
All along my journey, I'm serenaded by blackbirds, sparrows, house martins, thrushes...
Clearly, with so many trees and bushes, there's no shortage of nesting places!

Back home, I remember to actually visit a part of our garden I've never been before - it was very overgrown when we arrived last Summer, and hubby spent some time in the Autumn clearing it all, and making it safe for me to walk in.
I don't know what bush this is, but it is laden with sweet-scented blooms...
... and look, we have our very own bluebells! Who knew??
There are no words to describe how happy, joyful, blessed I feel to live in SUCH a beauty-filled place - it truly IS a Paradise!

I started this morning, simply exhausted by a very busy week, in which I had not a single rest day. I dragged myself outside, knowing that this was forecast to be only sunny day for the next few days. And yet, after only an hour of scooting, and taking photos, I returned refreshed, renewed, refilled.

THIS is the healing power of Nature, and I wish everyone could spend at least an hour in its presence... Truly, the world would be a better place.


  1. So beautiful, nature heals indeed.
    Spring is so much further along over there. It´s been so cold here for so long, but now I think (hope?) the weather´s starting to get a bit warmer.

    1. Oh, I hope so too... I am amazed how resilient plants are - we only had heavy frost and sleet a couple of weeks ago, yet the blossoms and leaves were abundant today :)
      Thank you for visiting, Hilja x

  2. Such a lovely post. Thankyou for sharing x

  3. Such pretty photos -- I feel much refreshed too. :)

  4. What a beautiful spring you are having, Claire. I enjoyed seeing all those blooms—the opposite of the autumn leaves that are blazing and falling everywhere here. x

  5. what a gorgeous place to live, Claire! and yes, the rejuvenating power of nature is something to behold, isn't it? one day last week, feeling quite blue and downtrodden, i took my cup of tea out to sit on the back step...and even that short while with the sun on my face and the birds, busy around me, jollied me right out of my doldrums. it's an incredible blessing. much love to you! xoxo