I swear...

... we live in Eden!

Is there anything more beautiful than an English garden in May, after Spring rain?? The potent combination of sun and showers means everything is blooming profusely.

Can you see what's growing among the eucalyptus branches...?

Get closer... closer...

One of my most favourite plants, Wisteria!

What joy! Wow!


  1. Thats impressive! Poor Mum has been trying for 25 years to grow it and its still just a stick but she never gives up on it! xx

  2. Simply beautiful...... -happy sigh-

    We are enjoying a lovely spring day here, toooooooo. But we don't have any spring blooming trees, etc. My husband is very allergic to "spring-blossoming."

    Had lilac trees, but had to get rid of them, years ago. I was tested and I do not really have allergies. But I get the same general reactions. I say, I "got" them, from him!!! :-))))

    But we can enjoy spring blossoms, from afar.... In our neighbors yards. :-) And while riding in the closed up car. You "deal with the deck" you get, as the old saying goes. :-)

    Luna Crone