Rectory Writings 7

It's been a long, ole week... this nasty cold dragging on, then hubby getting it... It's been a time of disappointments - not being well enough to go to the Pumpkin Social in the village hall last Saturday; nor to Oxford to see E and spend time with my dad and brother on Sunday; and not watching the Final of the Great British Bake Off on Wednesday with my cousin, as I was still coughing and sneezing...

But at least, I have managed to get out in the garden and take some photos... These beauties must have blown in from the farm next door, as we have no horse-chestnuts in our garden.

And I love these random flashes of red in the laurel bush...

... and the bright yellow of a fallen leaf.

The skies overhead may be a tad ominous, but there's plenty to keep me amused...

...not least, this decision...

I'm not a fan of fiction (reading or writing), so it was a real struggle last November to try and write a novel. I'm very proud of the fact I wrote every single day, producing over 44,000 words written by hand, but I knew I wasn't keen to tackle another novel...

And then I discovered the Nano Rebels who faithfully write throughout the month of November, but not a novel, instead they work on memoirs, travel guides, scripts (TV,  stage play), story-boarding, graphic novels... and I knew I had to join them :)

Last November I did enjoy the whole NaNoWriMo experience - collecting the badges, working towards a goal, being supported, and I realized I wanted to join in again.

This week, in-between coughing fits, I've been reading this book...

...and it's inspired me to just write random pieces each day, from 1 -- 30 November. And if I can keep up the required 1,667 words each day, I'll actually hit the 50,000-word target this year! 

I'll be writing it all by hand again - I just can't compose at the computer, and pecking at the keys one-handed is hard work. So I may be missing from the blog for a while, but I'll post the odd update throughout the month...

I'm now proper excited about November (usually a difficult, dark month for me, like January), and I honestly can't wait to get started!

Let's hope the head-cold's done its worst and left by next Tuesday :/

PS As I prepared to publish this post, I came across this quote from Christine Valters Paintner, which was too perfect to miss:

For most of us, we likely have a sense of what our inner truth is, but speaking it aloud, shouting it to the world feels like a whole other story. Speaking our truth takes practice.

Ain't that the truth??


  1. Soooo sorry you missed all those lovely gatherings and travels.

    So happy you felt well enough to get out in the garden, and enjoy Autumn treasures.

    And also so happy, that you have this new Quest! It is lovely, to have something to look forward to, which motivates us. Wonderful.

    I am amazed and awed, at anyone who can "write-write". It is unfathomable to me. I write blog entries. But that's not "write-writing". :-)

    Lots of gentle hugs, for healing from that miserable cold,
    Luna Crone

  2. I love it when authors write by hand, this is wonderful! Good luck with your writing goals!