New Reed Moonboard - a Black Moon

Wow, what a powerful time this is... a new moon, the second in the month, hence it's a Black Moon AND it's Samhain/Halloween tomorrow. The veil between the worlds is indeed paper-thin...

Before I made my moonboard, I read this poem out loud (sorry, I can't remember where I found it):

The veil is thinnest
As Harvest Moon Mother opens the door
Welcome to you, and ancestors all

The veil is thinnest
Wind blows leaves fall
Sun waxes, bonfires burn
Come join the feast and guide me as the year courses through

The veil is thinnest
As the Oak King prepares to give way to the Holly King.
Summer gives way to winter Father Sun gives way to Mother Moon

The veil is thinnest as
Outward manifestations gives way to inner reflection.
Rejoice oh ancestors and believers all,
As the old year and old ways give way to new directions of the coming year
Honor and welcome to one and all

The veil is thinnest
From dusk till dawn
When the moon is full
And the senses are alive
Ancestors whisper, honor and welcome to all

The veil is thinnest
When earth is under feet with growth and nurturance
Honor and welcome to you brownie and gnome

The veil is thinnest
When the wind is wild with change and energy
Honor and welcome to you sylphs and dragonfly

The veil is thinnest
When the cauldron of Bridget burns bright with inspiration and imagination
Honor and welcome to you salamander and drake

The veil is thinnest
When the sea whispers of healing and cleansing
Welcome selkie and undines
You walk between the worlds as the egg is cast
Heaven comes down to earth and minds meld as one
~Tim Mather~

It's a very simple, but to me, very powerful board.

Left-hand page

The black moon is cut from the back of a wee Field Notes notebook. It's beautifully embossed, but it's hard to photograph on this dull afternoon. The quote is from Paul Klee and reads:
One eye sees, the other feels.

And speaks to me of the thinning of the veil between the visible and the invisible, of the desire to see the sacred in the earthbound, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Right-hand page

The Samhain information is from an old Witches' Datebook, but the focus is the big eye image on which I've stuck the almost invisible words Quiet Power balance harmony... (Yes, there is a definite theme :) )

Balance and harmony are the gifts of this month's Reed moon; 'Quiet Power' is a phrase that came to me as I was composing the board, and it feels very important.

Some see Samhain as the beginning of a new year, as we tip into the dark half of the year in the North. This 'thinning time' is a threshold - not just between the seen and the unseen, but also between the years.

I'm wondering if this phrase 'Quiet Power' is to be my Word for the coming year... It feels deeply significant.

I wonder if anyone else can feel this New/Black Moon/Samhain energy... It feels extra-magnified to me...


  1. Oh yes, very powerful time indeed. I´ve been having very vivid, powerful and to me very meaningful dreams for the past few nights.

    1. Sadly, I rarely remember dreams, but I'm usually in a meditative reverie when I make my boards - this time, I even got goosebumps as the words and the images came together :)

  2. Dear Claire, yes I can feel the energy and power, but I can feel sadness too. I'm reading your post with tears in my eyes. I miss all the women in my life that has left in world, the veil is thinnest. I need to find the balance and harmony. Thanks for your beautiful board. Happy New Moon to you my dear.

    1. Bless you, dear Elizabeth, yes, this time of year, remembering those who have passed over the Life-Death threshold, is a difficult, heart-stirring time... May you, indeed, find balance and harmony, but also Peace xx

  3. I love, what I call, The Dark of the Moon. And I am certainly trying to feel, this 'time'.

    The combination of the two, The Dark Of The Moon and Samhain, seem very marvelous to me.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful board and post.

    Dark of The Moon blessings,
    Luna Crone

    1. As always, I love your comments, Luna, and to know that you have visited :) How I wish we could share a drop of Samhain punch (mulled wine) together... But we can raise a virtual glass - Salut! xx