Full Ivy Moonboard

While I choose to follow the Celtic tree calendar for naming the moon, I do love other names - the Hunter's Moon, the Poacher's Moon, the Shedding Moon... I'm not 'into' hunting or poaching, but I love the idea of a Shedding Moon - as the trees shed their leaves, what do I need to shed? Can I let 'stuff' go with the vibrant grace of the trees under this October Full Moon?

These were my thoughts as I composed this moonboard...

Left-hand page

I just love this poem by Sophia Rosenberg (2012) clipped from an old We'Moon diary:

in a bowl deep and smooth and dark
stir a milky swirl of stars
slowly pare in one whole moon
set aside to rest

in a separate bowl
strain a fresh sun through a sieve of fir trees
sprinkle with birdsong and silence
allow to rise

fold night and day alternately
into a small cabin in the woods
gradually alter seasoning

combine neighbours and friends
sift in a million small kindnesses
until a community blooms

place in a misnamed ocean
at 49 degrees latitude and 124 degrees longitude

you will know it is done when a light tap
anywhere on the surface yields the word home
or when a woman inserted into the middle
comes out muddy and grateful

Right-hand page

I think it's pretty self-explanatory... I want to 'shed' any anxieties and worries, and 'gather' only peace. I love the contrasting colours of rich orange and cool blue-grey spread across the pages.

Under this powerful Full Ivy Moon, what do you want to shed and gather??


  1. Oh, wow. That is so creative and looks like so much fun. I might have to do this sometime.

    The deer is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Did you make that yourself, too? It looks absolutely perfect. A few months back I needle-pointed some cute pillowcases and had so much fun. (And never use them because I'm afraid of them getting ruined in the washing machine). It was relaxing to me. (And the only 'sewing' I can do because sewing machines and I just do not get along. I'm terrible with them).

    Gorgeous work you have there!


  2. Oh do make a moonboard, Kristin, I find them so deeply satisfying! Sadly no, I didn't sew the beautiful deer - found the image in a magazine. I used to cross-stitch before my stroke 9 years ago... I still miss it - it give me such joy. It's impossible to sew one-handed (I've tried!) but I do enjoy drawing, painting, writing, making collage - all of which I've learnt to do left-handed (my right side is still paralyzed, and of course, I was right-handed :/ )

  3. Gorgeous as all yours others boards my dear, I like the Ivy name more than hunters, really nothing do to with me too. I love the we'moon diary, it's almost time to get a new one for the new year, I remember you said you weren't get one for this year, you had got another one. Are you going back or sticking with the new one?

  4. Love this and that you added your date. Very important!