New month, New moon, New phase of life

Ahh, September... always a favourite month! It's the time of a new academic year, and I've always loved the excitement of back-to-school preparations :D

This year it's different... I no longer have school-age children :/ Our son's already back at uni starting his final year, and we've started the countdown to E leaving on the 18th to start her own student life **gulp**

She and I spent the day together in town - she had her hair cut, while I had a pedicure; we shopped for college stationery and art supplies (she's studying Architecture); we bought enough toiletries to see her through till xmas; then a girlie lunch...

not the greatest pic due to the bright background light, but you can see her cheeky spirit :)

It was a fun, albeit exhausting, day :D

But I did manage to make my New Apple (or Vine depending on which Celtic Tree calendar you use) Moonboard first thing this morning. You can learn more about my practice here.

The focus of this moon is abundance and harvest and celebrating Life and Love, but I 'chose' (not consciously) images of newness, gratitude and light in honour of our new home and the unavoidable changes as our Nest empties... 

The large image upper right is 'The Alchemist' by Rima Staines saved from last year's calendar (I'm hoping to really get into painting this Autumn/Winter); and next to that are these words clipped from some book from somewhere::

live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard, play with abandon.
practise wellness, laugh, risk love.
continue to learn, appreciate your friends.
choose with no regret.
fail with enthusiasm.
stand by your family.
celebrate the holidays that make sense.
lead or follow a leader, do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.

Wise words for any stage of life.

Sharing with Jen & Co here. Today's journal prompt is Courage, which I know I'll need to get through this month...


  1. 'The Alchemist' is one of my favourites of Rima's work. I have a print on my wall too!

  2. Lovely mother/daughter day out.

    Moonboards. I have never see such.

    I noted the New Moon, on Thursday evening. :-)

    My best wishes for this change in your life. One of our grand daughters left for college last week, as well.

  3. Dear Claire, for sure not a very happy month for you, I can't imagine when my kids will be gone to the University too, empty nest! It's hard for them, but much worse for us that stay. Hope you find balance and joy in the little things around so the time is not very harsh on you. Your girl is so pretty, and a smart choice, Architecture! Your moonboard is lovely as usual. Have a lovely weekend my dear friend!