Full Apple Moonboard

I started this last night under the bright, yellow moon, and finished it this morning as the sun rose under very low cloud... It's forecast to rain all day, so I don't expect to see the moon tonight :/

Left page

Large image - a page from this year's Earth Pathways Diary, the perfect image and words :) And a piece about Carnelian - always a favourite stone, but especially in the Autumn...

Right page

For some reason, I 'chose' two images of water - one on each page, each placed next to the journal's spine - then I discover it's a full moon in Pisces... I'm not particularly 'into' astrology, but I do find it interesting when there seems to be some kind of influence.

And under this golden Apple Moon, it begins...

The hallway is filling up with boxes and bags...

... and yes, my watery emotions are rising!


  1. You call it the Apple Moon, I call it the Harvest Moon. :-)

    Sorry but I don't quite know, what is "happening"... Your daughter is packing and moving, perhaps? I thought she had already started college...

    1. No, she leaves for college tomorrow (Son went back yesterday), so come Sunday evening, our nest will be empty...

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