This song never gets old...

(To think I was 7 years old when this clip originally aired...)

Feeling blessed by friends (and family!) who are giving of their time and energy to help us move house...

The house we've rented for 7 years is being sold, so we have to move :/ But we're moving to a nearby village (renting again) - I am so looking forward to village life again! I am not a Townie by nature, but we moved here for the kids to go to good schools, but now their school days are done...

We pick up the keys to the new place a week today :D

The idyllic country location does have one major drawback - lousy internet and mobile coverage - so I may be missing from the virtual world for most of August as we research the online options...

Once we're connected again, I look forward to sharing our new home :)


  1. Good luck with your move Claire! I know just what you mean about choosing houses for schools etc - sounds like you have a chance to move for you this time xc

  2. Moving to a village, from town. Delightful. I'm sure you will feel "at home," as soon as all the "little things" have fallen into place. (Or maybe, have been pounded into place. -smile-)

    But happily, from another post of yours, to which I have not yet commented, you are going to let others, do the "pounding" into place. Yes!

    Gentle hugs to you....

  3. Oh yes, thank you. I would be honored to be added to your Gathering Page.

    Very honored.

    Luna Crone
    (who loves the moon, and who _is_ in her Crone time...)

    1. Oh my! Am I trying to emphasize my Crone-hood? >,-) I forgot to say which blog. If you would like to, I would love both to be added.

      But the way you have your Gathering Page set up, it looks as if you add the "Name" of the blogger. And that is fine. I'm sure people can find both of my blogs, from my main "Moon Spinners" page.

      Again, thank you!

  4. Back again!

    To tell you, that you are a Gift!

    At the top of your Gathering Page, is Lesley Austin!!!!

    A beautiful blog, I used to have. And then lost track of. And have been searching for for some time.

    And you gave her link, to me.

    See? You are a Gift!

    Again thank you!

    1. So glad my Gathering has helped you find Lesley again :) This is where the internet comes into its own - connecting us all together, new friends and old :)

  5. Moving into a new house is equal parts hard work and big excitement. Hope the transition has been a smooth one for you!