Here I'll gather favourite photos...


  1. This is so lovely. Breath-taking. x

    1. Thank you ;) I took it the one time I rode in a light aircraft, many moons ago, flying over Lincolnshire...

    2. Oh my. You flew in a light aircraft!!!!!!!!!

      Many moons ago, we co-owned a small aircraft, and went flying quite a bit. Early morning was the best. Mists on the fields below, and not too many other planes up yet.

      It is quite an experience, as you will certainly attest to. -smile-

      Needless to say, we no longer co-own one. Wayyy toooo expensive now. Plus my husband's eyesight has deteriorated. Since he was a little boy, he always wanted to get his pilot's license, so I am so glad he did. And that we have the memories.

      Gentle hugs...

    3. Flying is VERY expensive, isn't it?? I went with a friend of a friend about 15 years ago, it was January and bitterly cold... The light was amazing and magical, but then we had to head home - being chased all the way by a snowstorm! Drama + Magic = a never-to-be-forgotten memory!